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Could we have ended 2013 with a better cover story for the magazine? Okay, maybe a couple of Pagani Zondas would’ve been more than worthy alternatives, but we don’t get those here. Beyond that though, I’d like to believe that among all the supercar makers in the world, it is Lamborghini that boasts the vastest appeal, and the Italian Marque owes much of its current generation credentials to the 2 poster boys you see in the accompanying images.

Beauty. History. Legacy.

The history of the automotive is filled with bad cars and cars-that-are-only-okay, or to put it in today’s colloquial terms, meh-cars. They give nothing more than the service of moving people from A to B, but on very rare occasions though, a car comes along that moves people in a completely different way.

FOCM Annual General Meeting

As with everything in life, change dictates growth, change welcomes evolution, change is necessary. The FOCM Annual General Meeting was held to embrace the need to change and to identify the different methods of continuing to make a great club like the FOCM, even greater. The turnout was great, and all in attendance also witnessed the introduction of the first-ever Ferrari Owners' Club, and exclusive members-only tool designed by Ferrari Owners for Ferrari owners who join their ranks.

A Hublot-FOCM Exclusive

The Hublot Big Bang Chronograph FOCM Limited Edition - It's more than just a limited edition timepiece; it is a celebration of a truly illustrious partnership between two of the world's most renowned luxury brands. And there to breathe life into the launch were the FOCM members themselves - many of which became proud owners of this ultra-exclusive statement piece.


Watchmaker Bell & Ross have partenered with Shaw Harley-Davidson to design a concept motorbike that is sleek, powerful, and evocative. The B-Rocket is inspired by aviation, and it conjures up images of jet-engined powered motorcycles of the 60s. Everything on the motorcycle is designed to provoke a sense of adventure. For more than a year, Bell & Ross has worked with specialist motorcycle builders Shaw Harley-Davidson on the B-Rocket.


Think of a Leica-Audi design collaboration and you can almost immediately imagine what its lovechild would look like. The Leica T-System is that lovechild, and while it lacks the keen glows of daytime running lights, signature of all Audi cars, the Leica compact can easily be regarded as one of the most aesthetically gorgeous interchangeable lens, mirrorless cameras out there.